Andy Titcomb ceramics
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"I see my teapots as being little narrative dramas. The teapot form and size encourages a playfulness and spontaneity, in comparison to my larger sculpture. It's satisfying, in composing the pieces, to figure out which parts of the human anatomy will make up the lid, the handle, the spout, and how much volume to give the "belly". There is also an intimacy about the scale that draws the viewer in. Within the intimacy, there is a tension between the figures, and an ambiguity of the relationships. There are active and passive players; some are more sexually charged, others more domestic. Some appear humorous, while others appear slightly menacing. Like a form of short story, the open-ended-ness of the narrative causes one to wonder, and invites interpretation."
Adrian Arleo, 2001

Andy Titcomb Lavender Cottage St. Mabyn Cornwall PL30 3BL England
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