Andy Titcomb ceramics
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Sometimes the clay is cooperative, a partner in inspiration. Sometimes it’s contrary, even defiant. Working with it is always challenging and always rewarding. Even though I may approach the collaboration with a specific goal in mind, the clay often has it’s own agenda.
While it prefers to relax in elegant, organic shapes I challenge it to take the shape of something it doesn’t want to be. Maybe a rigid, mechanical form that might be the result of a tinsmith’s efforts. Or, possibly the gravity-shaped line of a hanging textile.
When the clay and I have finally reached agreement and we’re both content with the result, I find myself negotiating with the glaze, often a late-arriving and undecided interloper. We often stare at each other for long thoughtful periods while the bisqued clay looks on. I choose the glaze and the glaze chooses the final outcome while in the kiln.The result is, without a doubt, the result of a three-way partnership between the clay, the glaze, and myself.
Larry Nelson

Andy Titcomb Lavender Cottage St. Mabyn Cornwall PL30 3BL England
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