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My work is about the physical process of making things. They are vessels in subject but not functional. I think of them as sculpture, photography, and printmaking combined. I am asked about the meanings behind the images. They are a narrative that is an emotional statement first and an intellectual statement second. As a user of images I realize that my works are subject to the viewers imagination and the stories they create are in fact theirs and not necessarily mine. The selected, found, and created images are arranged into a narrative that fits the moment of the creation. I can better explain how I feel when I am working than how I am thinking. However there are specific meanings beyond the symbols that I use. There represent a wide range of issues of political, social, private, and "right or wrong". Sometimes these issues are timely and at other times they are time-less. As human beings we are responsible for the type of world we contribute to.

Andy Titcomb Lavender Cottage St. Mabyn Cornwall PL30 3BL England
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