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Carlton Ware

Carlton Ware was established in 1890 at Copeland street, Stoke-on-Trent, the new company was formed via a partnership between James Frederick Wiltshaw and W.H and J.A Robinson from which the company name was formed Wiltshaw and Robinson, and they named their factory the Carlton Works, in 1894 they added the trade name of Carlton Ware to the swallow seen on the backstamp to create a new trade mark. This was a circular mark topped with a crown carrying their initials W&R and also Stoke on Trent around the perimeter with the words Carlton Ware below and the swallow flying in the centre.

This partnership continued until april 1911 following a split at the company, this left James Wiltshaw as the sole proprietor. A new limited company was registered in november 1911, and was now known as Wiltshaw and Robinson Limited, The company was revived and forged ahead with a new designer, Horace Wain who produced new designs, colours and shapes . James Wiltshaw was killed in a accident in 1918, on Stoke on Trent railway station Frederick Cuthbert Wiltshaw then took over the company ( James Wiltshaws Son ). Yet more patterns were produced and The company was tradingvery successfully when in 1930 it brought out the firm of Birks, Rawlins and Co, to expand on Carltons china production. In 1958 Wiltshaw and Robinson was renamed Carlton Ware Limited, with Cuthbert Wiltshaw as governing director but in 1967 the company was then taken over by Arthur Wood and Sons. The company continued to enjoy much success, but in the late eighties the company floundered and, went into receivership in 1989, an attempt was made by Grosvenor Ceramic hardware, but it was a lost cause and production was finally halted in 1992.

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