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Gary Seymour
  Gary Seymour Gary Seymour Gary Seymour  

Entirely self-taught as a modeller, Gary has spent many years studying classical sculpture of antiquity and the Italian Renaissance period where the expression of the human form was at its height.

Initially producing one-off terracotta busts and figurines, his attention was turned towards teapots when he joined Richard Parrington Designs in Whitstable, Kent in the early 1990s. Here he learnt the complete manufacturing processes and skills needed to put pieces into production, in effect his apprenticeship.

During this time he designed and modelled 3 of Parrington's teapots - King Arthur, Hamlet and the Motorbike Petrol Tank.

Since establishing his own studio in 1998 he has sought to produce meaningful limited editions which he hopes will be the true collectors' items of the future.

Andy Titcomb Lavender Cottage St. Mabyn Cornwall PL30 3BL England
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