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Racing Teapots
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The company was founded by Peter Wood, an avid collector of original Art Deco novelty teapots. Peter was a successful motoring journalist in the UK, and in his regular columns would mention his passion for the famous Racing Car Teapot. Peter became such a well-known collector that when the original moulds for the Racing Car Teapot were offered for sale, Peter was the first person to be approached. As well as buying the Racing Car Teapot moulds, he also acquired several other original novelty teapot moulds.

These original moulds held pride of place in his personal collection for many years, until one fateful day when Peter was contacted by a fellow collector who was distraught over the accidental breakage of the lid to their original Racing Car Teapot. Peter suggested a new lid could be cast from his original mould; so a new lid was made, the first in over 50 years. Word soon got around, and Peter started to receive numerous requests for the Racing Car Teapot to be put back into production.

Racing Teapots Ltd is no longer trading.

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